California-based freelance writer.

As a staff writer for the Lodi News-Sentinel and, I write about history, mental health, the environment, pets, and other topics. I also write speculative fiction.

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Ag flooding article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Local floods are having a lasting effect on agriculture

At Heritage Oak Winery, acres of 10-year-old grapevines are still underwater. It’s been days since Lodi’s last rainfall, but for Heritage Oak’s owner, Tom Hoffman, it may be a while before the flooding brought by two wet months begins to recede.

Orb article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Oak Ridge Boys bring their harmonies and hits to Stockton

“You can count on the fact that you’re going to hear ‘Elvira.’ That’s our signature song,” said Richard Sterban, the quartet’s bass. He provides the song’s famous “oom-pa-pa-mow-mow.”

Zoo article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Windy weather, rain bring challenges for Lodi's Micke Grove Zoo

During a drizzle on Wednesday afternoon, the snow leopard at Micke Grove Zoo was in her element. She lounged on a high perch, grooming her enormous paws with half-lidded eyes, the picture of contentment.

5893e0e6d6dc6.image article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Stockton author shares the story of 'Stef Soto, Taco Queen'

For author Jennifer Torres, her latest book, “Stef Soto, Taco Queen,” came from a lifetime of experiences. “A lot of inspiration came from my own upbringing. I come from a Mexican-American family,” she said.

Branch to box article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Lodi business brings local fruit offerings to NorCal offices

It’s late afternoon, and you’re ready for a quick snack to hold you over until the workday ends. Would you rather have an individual bag of over-salted, broken chips from the vending machine, or a fresh, crisp apple? A slightly stale donut, or a pair of juicy, tart tangerines?

Stockton chinatown article
Lodi News-Sentinel

San Joaquin County Historical Museum celebrates Stockton's Chinese history

“We will have menus from some of the businesses, we have a sign on loan to us from the Haggin Museum from the Bow On society, we have some Gold Rush-era objects to introduce how the Chinese came to Stockton,” Collections and Exhibits Manager Julie Blood said.

Kathy grant article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Kathy Grant shares her passion for for the Mokelumne River

Elementary, middle and high school students throughout Lodi have the unique opportunity to learn about the local watershed. Some raise young salmon in their classrooms. Others create murals or write newspaper stories celebrating local water, plants and animals. At the center of it all is Kathy Grant.

Echinopsis eyriesii article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Succulents offer stunning blooms in dry conditions

Many Lodi residents are working to save water in their gardens, but draw the line at giving up their spring and summer flowers. Good news: Many succulents and cacti combine beautiful blooms with drought hardiness. Many are visually striking even when they’re not in bloom.

Pet supplies plus hed 2016 article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Pet Supplies Plus to hold grand opening

While Pet Supplies Plus has 370 locations in 27 states, Rowland was quick to point out the chain strives to have a good sense of each neighborhood where they’re based. He’s visited Lodi a few times, though most of his time was spent overseeing the store’s remodeling and work to get it ready for the grand opening, he said. “I think the big thing for us is our motto, ‘America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store.’ We’re really big on community,” he said.

Cyclefest article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Cycle City: Lodi becomes a hot spot for cycling

Lodi’s wineries have discovered an unexpected pairing: Wine and cycling. With several area wineries sponsoring cycling teams and hosting or co-hosting events — including winery owners working to bring the Tour of California to Lodi two years in a row — they have slowly been turning Lodi into a cycling destination.

Container gardening article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Gardening on a Smaller Scale

Spring is here, and planting season is beginning. Vegetable gardens used to be for people who had the space in their yards and the time to tend them, but with container gardening growing in popularity, even busy apartment-dwellers can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables this summer.

Murder trunk article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Art and facts: Haggin in Stockton holds more than meets the eye

At first glance, the trunk is no different than the other artifacts in the storage room. Like the racks of turn-of-the-century clothing and the artifacts that rest on the storage shelves, it sits, clean and tucked away, in the basement of Haggin Museum, mostly unseen by visitors. The trunk of Emma LeDoux, however, has a darker past.

Theresa article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Lodi cancer survivor Theresa Larson to kick off Stage 5 of Tour of California

The Amgen Tour of California announced that it has selected Theresa Larson, general manager of the Lodi News-Sentinel, to help kick off the cycling race’s Stage 5 start in Lodi.

Geocache article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Urban hunters: An introduction to geocaching

We found out that for most of the year, this particular cache, “The World’s 6th Tallest Structure,” was in a pleasant field that was quite easy to walk through without any trouble. Apparently, we’d timed our attempt for the short span from late August to mid-September when nature fought back against intruders.

Lmh auxiliary article
Lodi News-Sentinel

Last remaining Lodi Memorial auxiliary branch retires

One by one, the women shake the hands of several Lodi Health administrators, before filing into the room. “Isn’t this beautiful?” one asks, surveying the cake with bright yellow frosting, the rustic place settings and a horseshoe-shaped table, and the buffet of salad, green beans, pasta and chicken beneath an autumn-themed banner thanking the Lodi Memorial Hospital Auxiliary for their service.