California-based freelance writer.

As a staff writer for the Lodi News-Sentinel and, I write about history, entertainment, the environment, pets, and other topics. I also write speculative fiction.

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Cranes article

Sandhill Crane Festival soars into Lodi

Lodi has always had a special relationship with the Sandhill cranes that make the Delta their winter home each year.

Blues fest article

Russell City Blues Festival brings historic sound to Hayward

For 17 years, Ronnie Stewart has scouted out the best blues musicians from the West Coast, the South and even around the world to perform at the Russell City Blues Festival, a celebration of the Hayward neighborhood’s history and musical heritage.

Sfgh history article

Zuckerberg San Francisco General: A vibrant history of caring for others

At 5:12 a.m. April 18, 1906, a violent earthquake shattered the San Francisco morning. Many of the buildings that survived the quake fell to the fires that roared through the city. The citizens of San Francisco were left refugees in their own home. Disaster brought disease in its wake. But one building survived the earthquake: San Francisco General Hospital, which still stood on Potrero Avenue and brought medical care and comfort to the city’s shell-shocked residents.